“L’Éphémère – 88 plaisirs fugaces” – Éditions Bruno Doucey

L’Éphémère – 88 plaisir fugaces – Éditions Bruno Doucey

On the occasion of the 24th edition of Printemps des Poètes, Éditions Bruno Doucey is publishing L’Éphémère – 88 plaisirs fugaces (The Ephemeral – 88 fleeting pleasures), an anthology compiled by Bruno Doucey and Thierry Renard. This anthology is a collection of poetic texts written by 88 contemporary French and foreign poets, more than half of which are women. Elizabeth Grech’s poem “Je suis femme” appears in this anthology together with those of other poets such as Margaret Atwood, Nancy Huston, Yannis Ritsos, Ananda Devi, Paola Pigani, Sapho, Hyam Yared …

Anthology compiled by Bruno Doucey and Thierry Renard
Foreword by Sophie Nauleau
With the participation of Ernest Pignon Ernest

Available in bookstores on 3 February 2022.