Artistic Directors

Mana Chuma Teatro

Salvatore Arena

Director, playwright, actor. His work on narration was born from his encounter with Marco Baliani. He enters and becomes close to the childhood world with the Teatro delle Briciole (L.Quintavalla), develops work on rhythm and dramaturgy with Scimone-Sframeli. His works have been translated in France, Germany and Belgium. Since 2002 he is co-director of Mana Chuma Teatro

Massimo Barilla

Playwright, poet, screenwriter and director. Since 1998, he has written and directed several performances for Mana Chuma. He coordinates the cultural events of the Horcynus Orca Foundation. He directed the Politeama Siracusa Theater in Reggio Calabria. Author of Ossa di crita (Mesogea 2020), poetry collection written in the dialect of Reggio Calabria.


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