Longa è a jurnata

Long is the day – A crammed place. A basement and a cellar, in the late of the 70s. The only refuge and shared space for two men bond by an old friendship, committed to surviving, to postponing the inevitable day after day.

Vanni lives almost shut-in since his arm has been seriously injured in an accident at work. Yet, he dreams, with pure naivety. He dreams of going back to work, of a better life. He dreams of going to the sea and of capturing u surici, the invisible mouse that is continuously evoked by any noise.
Peppi lives a precarious life, going from one small job to another but without ever being able to make ends meet.

One day, the circle around them seems to tighten faster than usual, and even the last resources seem to be consumed like candles lit to compensate for the sudden lack of electric light.
There is no longer time to postpone what destiny has decided for both men, to postpone an attempt to redemption.

All in one day, the last long interminable day.