World Theatre Day 2022

Established by the International Theatre Institute and UNESCO experts, the World Theatre Day was celebrated on 27 March 1962 for the first time. Since then, the World Theatre Day is celebrated across the whole world.
For this occasion a personality is invited to share her or his reflections on the theme of theatre and a culture of peace.
This year, the message is written by Peter Sellers:
“This is a time for deep refreshment of our minds, of our senses, of our imaginations, of our histories, and of our futures. This is work that we need to do together. Theater is the invitation to do this work together.”
Entire message by Peter Sellers
Biography of Peter Sellers

This message is read in theatres, schools, libraries and cultural spaces across the world.

This is a time of disorder, of change, of disorientation. But it is also a time for progress, to speak and act: to ensure that theater is not just entertainment but a space for reflection and revolution.

Photo by Ruth Waltz