By Massimo Barilla
Directed by Salvatore Arena and Massimo Barilla
With Stefania De Cola, Mariano Nieddu, Lorenzo Praticò
Music Luigi Polimeni
Stage Design Aldo Zucco
Light Design Fabrizio Visconti

A story of naive and stubborn resistance. A barbershop in a small town at the end of the 1970s. Two friends, Melo and Felice, organic to this environment in which they work. One day, seemingly like so many others, immersed in the sirocco sultriness. However, on this very long day that will last until the following dawn, strange signs accumulate unexpectedly: the always busy salon remains empty, in a wait that becomes a space of discovery.

Melo’s love for Giusy, Felice’s sister. Her life unfolds in the shadow of Michele, an emigrant and enigmatic husband. With increasingly frequent returns of the latter, the story finally reaches a crossroads. The knots unravel between revelations and clarifications, disturbing scenarios that the barbershop goes through, despite themselves.