EPIC Festival August 21 – Thank you!

The 1st edition of Epic festival is over. 
No more poetry, music, theatre. We walk along those places that have welcomed the performances. Little forgotten corners. Yet, they don’t seem empty to us. Even in silence, the sounds float in the air, the emotion remains. 
Bova is where we left it and yet it travels with us, inside. 
We thank all those that have contributed. We thank the inhabitants of Bova for making us feel at home. We thank the Municipality and the Calabria region for their support that have make this great little journey possible.
Till next year…

Mana Chuma Teatro
Photo Felice D’Agostino

The sea in the belly to put out a fire that has already been extinguished for days, months and years. A fire that then starts again. In August it is always like this. It is like a desire to create a new sea in the mountains, to stop it from starting this fire again. When we decided to organise the festival, the village of Bova was the only choice. Everything that comes after lies here, a thousand metres away, in this village where a steam locomotive at the centre of the square reminds us of the journey. Bova is about walking with the nose up. It is about going down and up. It is like getting lost as a child. It is a centre of memory. It reminds us who we are. It forces us to keep walking. The places are poignant in their beauty. There is something archaic, harsh. Perhaps, this is what the festival was: a reunion, a rediscovery of a time, a get together.