Spine in Soverato 27/28 November 2021

Spine in Soverato, Calabria

The performance Spine is programmed in the framework of the season entitled “Ritorno al futuro” (Return to the Future) of Teatro del Grillo in Soverato, Calabria on:

27 November at 20:45
28 November at 17:00

Information and tickets:

Teatro del Grillo
C. da Cafone 9

Spine (thorns)

Three solitudes, three solitudes combined with pain. In an inn, the inn where Cassio has lost his head and the position of lieutenant (they say), three characters-witnesses go through the story of Othello, measuring it with their ambitions-desires-frustrations.
A roundabout of losers. A triangle of solitudes in a rectangle of history. Characters that look like ghosts: they move like tree leaves at night. A story in several voices, interwoven with screams shouted in a low voice.
Like stones embedded in the inn that belongs to them, Magdalena and Lucio together with the Digger, embody this triangle that takes on different shapes from time to time, with distances that come close and move away, but with vertices that can never touch.
Spine is born from the need to identify new ways of artistic creativity, from a need for expression. From the need to deal with a story from its margins, from untold gaps, from the desire to investigate paths that are normally ignored both in terms of dramaturgy and linguistic research.