Poete del Mediterraneo

“Il suo viso”, poem by Elizabeth Grech translated from Italian by Lucilla Trapazzo, poet and translator, has been published in the anthology POETE DEL MEDITERRANEO, edited by Giorgia Pollastri, President of the Community Poetry Group of Mestre, published by Versiliana Editrice, 2021. The anthology brings together the poems of 30 female poetic voices from the region of Venice and members of the Group and others from both Mediterranean shores.

Each guest poet is accompanied by a Venetian poet, in a choral dialogue of transparent simplicity, in which pain and joy are shared in an attempt to mutual sisterhood. A dozen translators and translators contributed to this collective work.

“This book is a hug, it symbolises the need to unite to find a lost road, to make our voices heard, to pray, to dance, to question, to denounce… – writes Vittoria Ravagli in the introduction – We learn to love each other through writing, dreaming, screaming in pain, telling of the beauty of the earth, of the universe, crying and laughing together. But let’s not stop. From the common beauty, love and yearning, we draw the strength to change this reality…”

“I have been waiting for 20 years to publish this anthology where women carry the soul of the lands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Surely there could be many other women who write, but this is just a small drop in the great sea of words,” Giorgia Pollastri.