Terre Sospese

After having been published in Italian under the title, Terre sospese (Capire Edizioni, Forlì, 2019), Elizabeth Grech’s first poetry collection in Maltese Bejn baħar u baħar (Merlin Publishers, Malta, 2019), by has just been published in Greek – Μετέωρες χώρες – by Vakxikon Publications (Athens, 2021).

Translations from Italian by Ioanna Karamali
Preface by Lilia Tsouva

With the support of the Book Fund of the National Book Council (Malta)

Interview in Greek

Franco Manzoni
Franco ManzoniLa Lettura del Corriere della Sera (4 ottobre 2020)
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"Everything travels in a state of apparent truce. The Maltese Elizabeth Grech (1978, lives in Paris) describes clouds, leaves, passions, butterflies, silences, the joys of motherhood and the sorrowful loss of loved ones. A visionary film on human frailty and the beauty of life (...)."
Davide Rondoni
Davide RondoniRivista clanDestino
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"A refined poetry thats acts as a hinge of discreet but powerful beauty between the many souls of the Mediterranean, today a place with no peace and that needs such restoring voices to return to feeling the profound richness of the soul."
Fahrenheit - poesia del giorno
Fahrenheit - poesia del giornoRadio RAI 3
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Reading of poems in Maltese and in Italian from Terre Sospese (Capire Edizioni 2019) - Broadcasted between December 2019 and January 2020.
Davide Rondoni
Davide RondoniBack cover - Terre sospese
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"Her words are full of the silences necessary for the emergence and identification of terms. A poetry that trembles along life, faces, situations. It doesn't want to cover them, it doesn't intend to be neo-romantically their essence, nor their enigmistic gnosis. It is their resonance, their capture."
Intervista di Gianfranco Brevetto
Intervista di Gianfranco BrevettoRivista EXagere
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"I think that writing and reading poetry allows us to go beyond what we perceive on the surface, it is an act of slowness, a form of resistance to the frenzy of life, a way of seeing magic in a world obsessed with screens, a way to simply take the time to live." Elizabeth Grech
Lucilla Trapazzo
Lucilla TrapazzoMock-up Magazine
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"Elizabeth Grech's poetry is refined and essential, carved by the sounds of her land of fire and water and flesh. Her voice is of strong intensity traversed by sensorial synaesthesia, by smells, flavours that run from one Mediterranean shore to another."
Barbara Herzog
Barbara HerzogRivista clanDestino
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"This collection speaks to us of carnal, maternal, lost, longed for - love. In a purely earthly way but with that eye that aims beyond all that it touches. And yet it touches, with all senses."
Emanuela Dottorini
Emanuela DottoriniMy Culture Inblog
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"It is in sea where Elizabeth immerses herself for a real ritual of purification. The sea is here a geographical and chromatic element but also an element of belonging."