We resist with Les Instants vidéo

We resist with our friends of the Festival les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques of Marseille. Mana Chuma Teatro symbolically participates in the “non-vernissage” of the festival and the videopoetry screening programme with “Questo nostro andare fermo” a video produced in the framework of our #Signs initiative.

The #Signs project was initiated during the first lockdown, as a need for artistic research and the desire not to “confine” ourselves. Soon becoming a platform that features other artistic research outcomes using different means and languages.

The dates of the Festival happen to be during the second lockdown, at a time when it is impossible to welcome the public.
But as an act of resilience, to affirm the need for art and culture, the festival has nevertheless set up the installations without an audience. Could we have hoped for a louder voice?