Artistic Residency at Astràgali Teatro

From 13 to 27 February 2021, Mana Chuma Teatro is participating in an artistic residency programme organised by Astràgali Teatro, entitled “Nella città venni al tempo del disordine” (I came to the city at a time of disorder – Bertolt Brecht) in the framework of the 2020 edition of “Artisti nei territori”, funded by the Apuglia Region.

For Mana Chuma this residency is a precious opportunity to work on the re-staging of the performance Spine (Thorns).

Finalist for the Premio Scenario per Ustica in 2003. Spine is an original story related to Othello, born from the combination of various experiences, from the need to identify new ways of artistic creativity and expression, from the need to address a story from its margins, from its untold blanks, from the desire to investigate paths that are normally ignored, both in terms of dramaturgy and linguistic research.
It is the story of three solitudes blended with pain, three characters-witnesses that go through the story of Othello, measuring it with their ambitions-desires-frustrations. It is a story told by several voices, interwoven with screams shouted in a low voice.

Online events:

13 February at 19:00
A sud della memoria – forme di drammaturgie del presente
(To the South of Memory – forms of contemporary dramaturgy)

Discussion with Libera, Associazione, nomi e numeri contro le mafie (Association, Names and Numbers Against the Mafia)
A sud della memoria is a project by Mana Chuma Teatro aimed at telling the contemporary history of Southern Italy by addressing contemporary socio-political issues through different artistic and dramaturgical approaches.

27 February at 18:00
Presentation of the work-in-progress of this artistic residency

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