Le théâtre italien en résistance

“De terre et de sang” (Of Land and Blood), text written by Salvatore Arena, Massimo Barilla and Maria Maglietta (translated by Federica Martucci) and “La dernière ruse. Une autre Iliade” (The Ultimate Deceit) written by Salvatore Arena and Massimo Barilla (translated by Olivier Favier) have just been published in “1990-2020 Le théâtre italien en résistance” (1990-2020, Italian Theatre in Resistance) directed by Olivier Favier and Federica Martucci, Editions théâtrales, collection “Les cahiers de la Maison Antoine Vitez” n°13, 28 January 2021, Paris.

This publication demonstrates how Italian theatre has remained a space of freedom and resistance in the difficult political context of the 1990s by being able to break free from institutions to assert its independence.
The various theatrical texts by different playwrights draw the picture of an Italy where, despite an aging population, the family continues to relate the story of society, where migratory tragedies unearth the tragedies of the Italian diaspora, where feminism and social struggles are written still so relevant today, where orality is still important both on stage and in the streets.