International Theatre Institute Italy

Mana Chuma has just become a member of the Italian network of the International Theatre Institute (ITI).

ITI is an international performing arts network founded in 1948 by theatre and dance experts and the UNESCO. ITI promotes UNESCO’s goals of mutual understanding and peace and advocates the protection and promotion of cultural expression regardless of age, gender, creed or ethnicity. ITI is devoted to performing arts education, exchange of knowledge and practice, fostering collaboration and youth training at national and global levels.

The Italian network is chaired by Fabio Tolledi, artistic director of Astràgali Teatro (Lecce, Italy). It was founded by Astràgali Teatro, Teatro Vascello (Rome), M.Th.I Music Theatre International (Roma), Accademia Amiata Mutamenti (Grosseto), LaMaMa Umbria International (Spoleto). In close collaboration with ITI, it strives to strenghten the internationalisation of the performing arts scene through the setting up of partnerships and the implementation of joint projects.

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