National premiere F-aìda

“A life consumed in a kiss”
Our 25 April is marked by the National premiere of F-Aìda, a new Mana Chuma Teatro production.
Text and staging by Salvatore Arena and Massimo Barilla
With Salvatore Arena
Shortlisted for the Dante Cappelletti Award 2019

25 April 2022
Teatro Comunale Francesco Cilea
Reggio Calabria

To celebrate this symbolic day, the proceeds will be donated entirely to Doctors Without Borders for the Ukraine emergency.
Booking: +39 339 841 4989
Tickets: 5€

A theatre of pangs, of teeth to be pulled, of meat to be slaughtered, a theatre that bleeds, a theatre of mud and tears. One comes out cut and incredulous, wounded and aware.”
Tommaso Chimenti for

In a basement where pigs were slaughtered, in the darkness of an isolation attenuated only by old opera arias, in the darkness of solitude, in one hour, Rocco-Aìda faces the body of his dead father, in a story that bursts forth like an emergency, breaking dams to tell the unspoken words of an entire life. F-aìda is a puzzle, a harsh and desolate shard. A heart-breaking furrow, the bleating of an abandoned lamb, a Greek tragedy. A war between two families. A love story. Rocco and Alfredo. Two shooting stars extinguished in the steel of hatred.
A love consumed in a kiss, on the bank of a river. A life lived in a kiss, in which lives the memory of a moment, Rocco’s only moment of happiness.

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