“Tierras suspendidas”

With translations in Spanish by the poet and translator Marisol Bohorquez Godoy, “Tierras suspendidas” (Suspended Lands), collection of poems by Elizabeth Grech has just been published by RIL Editores in Barcelona, Spain. Originally published in Maltese by Merlin Publishers (Malta, 2019) “bejn baħar u baħar” was translated by in Italian by Massimo Barilla and Virginia Monteforte and published under the title “Terre sospese” by Capire Edizioni (Forlì, 2019).

“Elizabeth Grech’s poetry is refined, essential, carved by the sounds of her land of fire and water, of flesh. Her voice is of strong intensity, traversed by sensorial synesthesia, by smells, colours and flavours that travel from Mediterranean shore to the other.”

Lucilla Trapazzo

“Me había perdido en ti
solo para descubrir
de qué color soy.”

(Translation by Marisol Bohorquez Godoy)

(I was lost in you
Only to discover
my own colour).

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