Reviews of “Like a Little Grain of Sand” in NY

“Like a Little Grain of Sand” staged on 10 May at 6pm at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò in the framework of the In Scena Festival.

 “A powerful play. A monologue that addresses all states of suffering and joy, tenderness and resignation. “Like a Little Grain of Sand” (“Come un granello di sabbia”) – presented at the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò as part of the In Scena Festival directed by Laura Caparrotti, which brings the best of Italian independent theatre to New York every year – is a remarkable piece of authorship and acting (…).

Salvatore Arena is an extraordinary actor, so convincing in his performance that it is almost as if he were the victim, the very one beaten to a pulp, placed in solitary confinement, locked up in prison for doing nothing. How do you count air? He asks himself as he enters the stage after taking a deep breath, the air that for too long has been taken from him.”

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Luciana Capretti, La Voce di New York

“Salvatore Arena is impressive throughout, holding our attention (even those of us who speak no Italian) and throwing himself between a vast array of challenging emotions”.

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Lucy Ashe, Plays To See

“The show at times makes palpable the disorientating whirl of the legal machine and the despair that battens Gulotta, and Arena’s manner of directly addressing audience members, used at intervals, effectively ratchets up the intensity”.

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John R. Ziegler e Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC