Dentro più dentro, dove il mare è mare

The short story “tre ombre piccole davanti al mare” (three little shadows in front of the sea) by Massimo Barilla was published in the anthology *Dentro, più dentro, dove il mare è mare, Alì Terme et l’Officina dell’Orca, topografie dell’anima, historica edizioni, April 2021.

*(“Inside, deep inside, where the sea is sea”, Alì Terme and l’Officina dell’Orca, soul topographies)

Like the other short stories in the book, Barilla’s story was written on the occasion of the artistic residency held for the centenary of the birth of Stefano D’Arrigo. It is set in the city of Alì Terme at the end of the 1920s. Barilla reimagines the last night that the teenage writer spent with two friends in his hometown. Eyes turned towards Scylla and Charybdis (Reggio Calabria, Italy), on the beach, the three boys spend their last hours together, amidst memories, silences, stories and thoughts. A long suspended goodbye in which the threads of their common experience, between the said and the unspoken, intertwine and dissolve in a timeless dimension.

About the book (in Italian)
On the occasion of the centenary of Stefano D’Arrigo, author of Horcynus Orca, Alì Terme, his hometown, welcomes seven writers in the framework of an artistic residency. During these days of intense coexistence, the writers have written a story inspired by D’Arrigo and his extraordinary multidimensional work-world. This book is a collection of these stories.