Mill-Ħemda tal-Masġar, From the Silence of the Woods

Humanity has always shown an intimate and special relationship with nature and an elective affinity with trees. This relationship has evolved through the centuries and has given birth to different nuances depending on the times in which the works were was written: from appreciation for their elegant form to deep sorrow in the face of their extinction.

A new anthology of poems in Maltese devoted to trees entitled “Mill-Ħemda tal-Masġar” (From the Silence of the Woods), edited by Terence Portelli, senior lecturer at the University of Malta has just been published by the Klabb Kotba Maltin. An impressive work with almost one hundred and fifty carefully selected poems by 64 poets.

Elizabeth Grech features in this anthology with her poem “Il-ħarifa” (Autumn). In a country where trees are cut down, where trees are a lacking element in the geographical landscape, this anthology “Mill-Ħemda tal-Masġar” (From the Silence of the Woods) voices what poets have to say about the environment.

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