Between Seas by Elizabeth Grech at Mumbai Poetry Festival

Another accolade for Elizabeth Grech and her poetry collection “Between Seas”.
On 6 January, her collection of poetry, translated into English mainly by Irene Mangion (Poetrywala, Mumbai, 2023), was presented in India during the prestigious Mumbai Poetry Festival in the framework of an encounter entitled “Maltese Poetry Today”, curated by Maltese writer and poet Adrian Grima and Indian writer Sampurna Chattarji.

between seas

Chattarji kicked off the event by reading Elizabeth Grech’s poem ‘Autumn‘, translated into English by Albert Gatt, while Grima declaimed the original verses in Maltese (‘Il-Ħarifa‘). The conversation then focused on the Maltese language, the birth of Maltese literature two hundred years ago and Maltese poetry today.

Video of the event:

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